One company. Two brands.
One home

The two brands Vivi Kola and ViCAFE have been united under the company ViCOLLECTIVE since January 1, 2023. Both brands have the “Vi” in common. But where does “Vi” come from? “Vi” was derived from the French “la vie” in the late 30’s. This is because the caffeine in Vivi Kola has an energizing and awakening effect. Caffeine is also omnipresent in the coffee universe of ViCAFE, which was founded as a sister company in 2010 to source, roast and serve customers specialty coffee.

That’s exactly what we want to continue with both Vivi Kola and ViCAFE: With ViCOLLECTIVE we want to awaken, enliven, and experience great moments as a collective, together with our customers. Our customers will always be at the center of our work. We want to stay true to our values: quality, sustainability, and integrity and create an outstanding customer experience in everything we do and along the way, we build a company. We look forward to continuing to write our story.

One Company. Two Brands. One Home.